Ziferblat is a chain of spaces where everything is free, except the time people spend there – you can get as much tea, coffee, and cookies as you like and bring your own food. Time is charged for minutes spent, and it’s around 5 pence per minute, yet the main purpose that we have is to connect people, make them feel at home and open to each other. It’s like building a treehouse together. And that’s why people pay for time – because they equally share all the expenses. It’s like a non-stop crowdfunding project.

The number of Ziferblats is growing, and we have decided to create a beautiful, fun and useful tool to connect Ziferblat’s people with each other in a playful mode. It took us a lot of time to develop the app, and it’s almost done, but whilst developing it, we began to understand that the potential of this app could be much higher than just being a support for Ziferblats (which is quite a big thing itself). We have realised that this instrument can be useful for many people around the world.

Now we are looking for a candidate who will fill the role of the COO of this app and will work on it from a business point of view with the potential of becoming a CEO.

We are looking for a young professional plenty of experience in social media businesses and talent in gamification. He must be creative, self-driven and have exceptional skills in sales, marketing, people management, multi-tasked project management and delivery, and communication.

The rough list of more specific skills we are looking for is the following:

  • Marketing of the product. Understanding of what people need and how to deliver it in a right way. Knowing how to spread the word about the product to the people.
  • Creation of the business plan and monetisation model, their constant development and improvement.
  • Search for new partners and development of long-term relationships with them; development of the framework that will allow partners from all over the world to use the app on a commercial basis automatically, with no need for meetings and negotiations (this will be needed only for global partners).
  • Analysis of the users of our app and the way they use it.
  • Development of the product and introduction of new features according to the behaviour and demands of the users.
  • Acquisition of new users.
  • Constant analysis of our competitors and comparison with them. Actually we have no competitors right now because it’s a completely new form of business (as well as Ziferblat) but they will probably emerge as good ideas are usually copy-pasted.

What is also worth to mention:

  1. You must work fast and move like a rocketship on its way to Mars.
  2. You must be able to think systematically and not forget details.
  3. You must be a great person.
  4. This project will become your life and you must be ready for it.

We will offer a competitive salary and a generous pool of shares, as well as an opportunity to work in an exciting and growing business and meet a lot of great new people along the way!

It would be great if you send us a motivational letter explaining why you think that you will be the perfect candidate for this role along with your CV.