An account of the network Ziferblat on Instagram was created recently

Nowadays everyone has account on Instagram. This social media captured the world in the good sense of the word. Now there is plenty of visual aesthetic enjoyment every day, as well as important information and news. Mothers and grandmother create accounts to keep track of their kids’ dinners, young people – to be aware of everythig that happens in the world, and businesses – to attract customers. Why not? |
Each Ziferblat has its own “Instagram”. Each is conducted in its own way, and in each something interesting happens. “Why not create a common account for all Ziferblats?” – we thought, and created an Instagram Ziferblat – a gallery of the entire network. Here we will publish global news and interesting useful information. To make it clear to everyone, we decided to keep an account in English. But do not be discouraged if your English is not so well as your mother tongue! The application has the ability to translate the text under the photo by clicking on the “translate” button under the post. So far, three posts have been made, but soon there will be more and more! Do’nt miss it!
And here is the link ↓