Ziferblat on Nevsky street in St. Petersburg moved from the city center to the “House of Culture”

After six years of existing on Nevsky Prospect in St.Petersburg, Ziferblat moved to a cluster called the “ House of Culture ” at the Kirov factory.   “House of Culture” settles in the Soviet walls, not forgetting about the past of this building. In the 70s, exhibitions of non-conformist artists were held here, and now in this place there are also exhibitions of St. Petersburg artists.

What is the reason for the move? The soul of Ziferblat requires a change. Now there is a big stage for concerts in the place, and those who come to the concerts do not have to huddle in the corridor because of lack of space. There is new big kitchen we could only dream about, with a long dining table and eight huge windows overlooking the park and the city. The format of work has not changed – the format “pay for time” is with us forever. Now even more events are organizing: concerts, markets, dinners and breakfasts, lectures and master classes, performances and exhibitions and everything that previously simply could not fit in a small apartment on Nevsky Prospect . We believe that the magic lies in the people themselves, and not in the walls sheathed with drywall . The epoch leaves in order that the new has come.