The very first Ziferblat on Pokrovka Street in Moscow moved to the Kuznetsky Most Street  

7 years ago was it was decided that the Tree House has to be expand. So Ziferblat on Pokrovka was opened. Suddenly, the joke – ruble per minute – has become a new format of institutions. The term “antikafe” appeared, and Ziferblat has become an international network in a couple of years. CNN, BBC, Time Out, the Telegraph wrote about Ziferblat in London, and students from different countries wrote works studying a new phenomenon – the Ziferblat.

7 years flew like a week. A small space gathered an incredible number of guests and residents of Moscow fell in love with it immediately. In the end of August 2018, Ziferblat on Pokrovka was closed, and Ziferblat on Kuznetsky Most  immediately opened. In the new space Ziferblat team began to create a new story. Now Ziferblat waits for visit of old and new friends around the clock!