The birth of a new format: Zifer- picnic and Zifer- cruise

Once in a while Ziferburg leaves the big city for a picnic. From the center of St. Petersburg, Ziferburg takes everything with it into the forest wilderness: the guests, closest friends, favorite musicians, tea and coffee, rugs and even a floor lamp with a carpet. Ziferburg lives like in a children’s camp – three people each in rooms or a tent camp (people have their own tents). Everything organized in the best traditions of the Ziferblat: cappuccino in the morning, a large table for breakfast and lunch, swimming in the lake, music, dancing, games, forest romance and Five o’clock tea under the tree. Only the balcony overlooking the Fontanka cannot be taken away – it stayed in Petersburg.

And here is another interesting format: a cruise on the ship! Ziferburg surprised again. In July, Ziferburg team went on one evening cruise on the Neva river. Taking with them music, lemonades, tinsel and friends, they set off on a journey of two hours on water. These were continuous dances, interesting stories and over a thousand  photographs. It turned out that opening Ziferblat out of houses and cities is easier than it seems.