The National Congress of all Ziferblats in Bolotov Dacha have passed!

In May 2018 a congress of all Ziferblats was held in Bolotov Dacha.

There are 16 ziferblats in the world. A lot of people are involved in the process of their existing: investors, managers, assistants, staff workers and project teams. These people make up a large family united by a common idea. It’s a wonderful tradition: once a year, managers of Ziferblats from the whole world gather in a chosen cozy place and talk about business, share experience, answer all questions, and simply communicate heart-to-heart.

This year the congress consisted of discussions, brainstorming lectures and sea of ​​smiles.  People who came to the congress for the first time made a wish, and people who has come for second and third time met old and new friends. The congress of this year symbolizes the end of the passed stage and the beginning of a new, fresh, successful one.  We are looking forward for the next congress!

Thank you very much  Ziferblat on Bolotov Dacha for hospitality!