Like home

We all share this intimate sense of a “home” where we always come back after another challenging day. Being trapped in a routine, we miss this sense of a warm and safe space and get excited every time we come back there.

It is difficult to put a sense of a home in words and even more complicated to replicate it somewhere else. But our team knows how to recreate this feeling in any location.

We share such values as:


Right from the entrance of Ziferblat, guests see that it is a comfortable place for working and meeting friends. Its atmosphere intrigues, makes people stop and become a part of this social project.

Attitude towards the customer

Ziferblat’s host meets the guests, he is an owner of the space during the shift. Guests are warmly welcomed, being plunged into space’s kindness and uniqueness as if they are visiting a friend.


Ziferblat’s atmosphere allows everyone to communicate with each other, even with strangers, on the even means. It is a place for discoveries, networking, and making friends.

Versatility and multitasking

In addition to the unique atmosphere of Ziferblat, we can organise special events that can generate revenue and attract more potential visitors.

We can create a similar homely sense in your space in any location!

Our team can:

Lilya Kondrashova
Lilya Kondrashova
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