On agreement
Minimal budget
1.5M roubles
4% of revenue

Ziferblat is a community of like-minded people helping each other in both everyday routine and difficult situations. It is essential for us that each Ziferblat benefits the people and the city where it is located, as first of all, it is a social project. However, we do remember that we are a business at the same time.

Who are we looking for:

In the franchise, our priority is building up a community of thinking like people, who share the ideology of Ziferblat, and are hard-working enough to manage such an unusual business.


The minimum budget for opening Ziferblat is 1.5 million rubles. The first payment takes place by individual agreements. Also, you need to pay for tickets and accommodation for the team who launches the opening. The profitability of Ziferblat varies from 5% to 28%, royalties - 4% of the revenue.

The process of launching new Ziferblat:

Introduction to the Global Team. Ziferblat’s network is a team in which the interaction of all participants in the process is essential. Acquaintance with the Global Team helps to understand whether we can work together and whether our values coincide.

Acquaintance with the teams of Ziferblat. The owner of Ziferblat has no option to existing in a vacuum - each team becomes a part of the whole. Even before signing the contract, the future owner of the Dial gets acquainted with the different formats of the existence of spaces and with the people who create them.

Creating a business plan. The Global Team helps with coming up with a business plan taking into account the realities of the city where new Ziferblat launches. It helps to understand whether Ziferblat format is suitable for you as a concept.

Franchise agreement — signed after discussion and agreement by the parties.

Search for premises. The ideal place for Ziferblat is in the cultural, social or geographical centre of the city, with big windows in most rooms and space for the kitchen. A full list of requirements is available on request.

Search for managers. Managers are strategists: together with the owners, they come up with the vision of Ziferblat. Their task is negotiating with event organisers, calculating the budget and training assistants.

Internship. In order for Ziferblat to work well, it is essential that the one who launches Ziferblat must understand how everything works. To do this, the future owner, and with it the managers, undergo an internship as assistants in other Ziferblats.

Departure of the start team. The start team consists of experienced manager and assistants of Ziferblat. They help to establish interaction with guests, create comfortable atmosphere and launch Ziferblat’s a way of life. The team works two weeks before the opening and two weeks after, then, new Ziferblat goes all in.

A team of helpers (hosts). Helpers (hosts) are the face of Ziferblat, they meet guests, make coffee, monitor interior space and atmosphere. The first assistants are found by the starting team. It helps to share the basic values supported by Ziferblats.

Further support:

After buying a franchise, you get not only well-established schemes for the life of Ziferblat, but also community support. You will get access to all the previous experience, and you can get it at any time or turn to Ziferblat’s community for help.

When the start team leaves, support does not finish. Each Ziferblat is a part of the family in which experience is transferred and there is a constant growth of all community members. The experience of Ziferblats in complicated situations is recorded in our internal case system. We help analyse financial statistics to come up with successful solutions.

How to join:

To join Ziferblat team as an owner, the first step is to fill out the form. We will contact you and start the process of launching Ziferblat.

Fill the form

About Ziferblat App:

Ziferblat has a mobile app that connects guests and Ziferblat and also forms a social network. The app has two versions - for guests and helpers. It makes life easier for guests, helpers, and owners of Ziferblat.

Through the app, you can:


Using the application, you can collect advanced statistics about visits.

Engagement into the life of Ziferblat:

Each Ziferblat in the app has its section and design. With its help, you can not only promote the events but also warn about unexpected changes like closing earlier, rescheduling of the activity, or any wifi problems. Furthermore, Ziferblat’s news comes in the form of notifications: in this case, there are more chances that the event will reach the audience. Guests using the app are more likely to come back again and spend more time in Ziferblat. It helps to transfer communication with the community from online into real life by the game format through completing small tasks, like watering plants or bringing in books. Everyone enjoys a small game!

Loyalty program

You can contribute to the existence of Ziferblat by money or by partaking small actions. They can be exchanged for free minutes, which is the internal currency of Ziferblat. Guests bring in board games, fruits, help out with internal stuff, and get free minutes for it. They can be spent in any Ziferblat in the world. Some tasks in the app can also be an opportunity for advertising; for example, it can be to like Facebook or make a post on a social network.

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